You find yourself in the beautiful Val di Susa, or are you just eager to reach this enchanting and authentic place? Do you wa...


Susa, ancient gateway to Italy
Published on 18 October 2022 by Alessandro

Susa, ancient gateway to Italy

The city of Susa is a crossroads of transalpine routes between Italy and France for millennia, a transit route for caravans of goods and pilgrims. In fact, the roads to Monginevro, Moncenisio, Colle delle Finestre, and Turin converge in Segusium. Susa, ancient gateway to Italy...

the best 25 European road trips
Published on 8 October 2022 by Alessandro

the best 25 European road trips

Studying the map, tracing the route with your fingers, calculating distances and kilometers, discovering the best spots, and choosing where to stop. A road trip is an experience that remains etched in your mind and heart. In this guide, I want to take you with...

15 best Italian road trips
Published on 29 September 2022 by Alessandro

15 best Italian road trips

Do you want to leave for a wonderful holiday but you don’t have much time? What’s better of unforgettable holidays on the road in Italy among natural views and historical treasures! I want to recommend you the best road trips in Italy who will take...


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